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What size can I make my part / what material sizes are available?
What size can I make my part / what material sizes are available?

Your maximum part size = our maximum material sheet size

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The maximum and minimum size of your part depends on your material choice:

  • For 100+ materials the maximum material sheet size is 31.1” x 15.1” / 790mm x 384mm.

  • For 35+ materials it's 23.5” x 11.5” / 596mm x 291mm.

See the 'Technical Specifications' section on materials pages for minimum part sizes. 

The most common material thickness is around 0.118" / 3mm and the thickest is 0.75" / 19mm. You choose

What is part nesting? And why do I want it?

To maximize material sheet yield to reduce materials costs, tile multiple parts in your design to fit together snugly. (Not available for metal designs)

To minimize laser time to reduce making costs, tile multiple parts in your design to share cutting lines. (Not available for metal designs)

Part nesting - rest easy, we auto nest for you to keep your costs low

Just upload your single part design, select your volume & we will auto nest for you to get the best material sheet yield, to keep your costs as low as possible.

Auto nesting is the only option for metal designs.

Part nesting - when to manually nest your parts

  • You're using a non metal material

  • Shared cutting lines - when you can push together 2 shapes to share a line (EG - 2 straight edges of 2 squares), the laser will cut this only once, instead of twice which will result in a 50% cost saving. 

  • Snug fits between shapes - the image below shows a ~5% cost saving if you're prepared to do the manual nesting yourself on our largest sheet size: 

Define the outside of your design

Do not use the raw edge of our material sheets for your part (unless you intentionally want a rough edge finish).

Keeping parts safe for shipping 

After designs have been cut out, adhesive paper is used to keep your designs nestled within the sheet. This keeps your designs safe during shipping & handling as the surrounding material acts like custom padding.

Metal designs will ship without the surrounding material

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