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Can I use a STL or STEP file?
Can I use a STL or STEP file?

How to save your files for laser cutting

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STEP - Yes

You can upload this file type directly to the Ponoko website for quotes and orders. All the lines showing on the online proof will be laser cut from flat sheet materials. Use separate files for each material/thickness needed.

STL - Nope - resave as a STEP, DXF, SVG, EPS or Ai

This file type is not currently accepted by Ponoko. Export guides for common CAD softwares can be found here.

Is laser cutting right for your file?

STL & STEP file types contain 3D designs. As lasers cut flat parts from sheet materials, you'll find shapes with flat faces will be best suited to laser cutting. If you need additive 3D printing for very complex geometries, 3D hubs or Shapeways are great alternative manufacturing options.


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