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Why does my online design proof look different to the design on my computer?
Why does my online design proof look different to the design on my computer?

When your design proof doesn't look as expected...

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Your online proof is accurate to what the laser will see, so if it's not looking right it's likely a bit of a design tweak is needed here. Here are some common problems you may run into:

Not the size you were expecting?

See more about this here.

Text missing?

To ensure the alignment of your design is retained, text needs to be converted to vector paths rather than being editable fonts. See how to do this here.

Area engraving doesn't look right?

Objects for area engraving need to be made up of joined lines for the laser to understand where to engrave. There are two common reasons why area engraving might not look right on your proof. Read more about this here.

Dashed lines look solid?

Dashed lines are useful if you want to make ‘fold’ lines in your design, or if you want to score part of your design, without the laser cutting the line all the way through. You can engrave or use a blue cutting line for dashed lines. If you want to include a dashed line in your laser-cut design, you must ensure that all elements in your design are vectors like this.

Clipping masks present?

Clipping masks don't work well with lasers, you'll need change the actual vector paths in your files rather than hide them with clipping masks. In graphic design software's, you can see the vector paths present in your files by viewing in 'outline' mode.

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