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For faster design uploads

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Large point counts can create slow upload speeds and in some cases prevent designs from uploading at all. They can also cause reduced cut quality if the machines have trouble processing the large amount of detail in a file. Here we look at ways to reduce the number of points in your files to help get parts made asap.

Please note these tools can adjust the angle of some lines so do inspect the results to ensure you are happy with them when doing this.

Adobe Illustrator design software - Object > Path > Simplify

Inkscape design software - Path > Simplify

This does a similar task as above, but unfortunately with less control. Sometimes this tool oversimplifies and distorts shapes.

Affinity design software - Smooth curve button

CAD exports - take a look at the quality settings on your exports, super high quality settings can create excessive numbers of points for simple forms.

Please let us know if you have suggestions to add to this list, they are most welcomed.

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