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Export Guide: Dassault Solidworks
Export Guide: Dassault Solidworks

How to save out laser ready files

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Here we'll show two different export processes.

  • Cutting: Export DXF

  • Cutting & Engraving: Export Multi Color Ai

    (color used to set lines for either cutting or engraving)

Cutting Only: Export DXF

In the menu bar, Select File (1) followed by Save as… (2)

In the Save As pop up window, Select Dxf from the save as type drop down menu (3) and then click options (4)

In the System Options window, select R2007-2009 from the version pop down menu (5) and click OK (6)

Select Save in the Save As window

In the DXF/DWG Output PropertyManager select faces (7), select the desired view to export (8), and select single file under export options(9). Click the green check box to confirm your selection.

! Ensure you are not viewing your part at an angle if you select 'current', as this will lead to a skewed shape being exported !

A DXF/DWG Cleanup window will open and you can remove any undesired lines. After reviewing, select save (12) to finish the DXF generation process.

Cutting & Engraving: Export Multi Color Ai

(color used to set lines for either cutting or engraving)

Create a drawing and insert the view you would like to export.

To only have the model exported, delete the sheet format by right clicking the sheet format in the design tree (1) and selecting delete (2)

Sketch any designs you would like to have line engraved or area engraved. In this case an arrow is sketched for line engraving (1) and filled with cross-hatching for area engraving (2)

Once you have completed your sketches, select the Layer Properties icon (1).

In the Layers window, select New (1), type in a name for the layer (2) and change the color of the layer (3). For easy ordering with Ponoko, make cut lines blue, engraved lines red, and area filled engraving gray.

Right click the component, sketch, or Area Hatch/Fill (1) and using the layer selection drop-down menu, select the appropriate layer (2). Repeat this process until all desired entities are placed on a layer.

In the menu bar, Select File followed by Save as

Name your file (1), select Adobe Illustrator Files from the Save as type menu (2), and select Save (3)

On the Ponoko website, upload your design. Once it is finished processing, confirm the red, grey, and blue lines are appropriately mapped to line engraving, area engraving, and cutting (1-3).

You can use the drop down options on the left to adjust the laser processes used for each color.

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