Export Guide: Siemens NX
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Here we'll show two different export processes:

  1. Cutting Only: Export DXF

  2. Cutting & Engraving: Export Multi Color DXF (Coming soon..)

Cutting Only: Export DXF

Expand the Model Views in the Part Navigator (1). Double click to select correct view that is normal to the profile you would like to cut, in this case Top (2).

Select File (3) Export (4) and AutoCAD DXF/DWG (5)

In the Input and Output screen, select Export To DXF (6), Export As 2D (7), and name your file export location (8).

Select “Data to Export” (9) and verify “Entire Part” is selected (10) along with “Work View” (11)

Select “Options” (12) and select 2007 as the DXF/DWG Revision (13), Export Spline As Spline (14) and check the box to Remove Overlapping Entities (15). Click “Finish” to complete the export (16)

2. Cutting & Engraving: Export Multi Color DXF (Coming soon..)

To have parts both cut and engraved, a different line color is needed for each set of paths. A drawing file will need to be created. We are working on a guide for this process. In the mean time, single color dxf files can be opened and edited in a free software called Inkscape.

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