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Export Guide: Alibre Atom
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Step 1 – Load your design

Load the design that you wish to export to laser cutting. Ensure that the design has the correct proportions and that the height of the shape matches that of your chosen material on the Ponoko store.

Step 2 – Load “Create Drawing”

From the main application, click the “Create Drawing” app.

A pop-up window with multiple options should appear. From here

  • Check “Blank Sheet”

  • Change the dropdown list to “Custom”

  • Enter the dimensions of your sheet size (should be larger than your design)

  • Ensure the scale is set to 1:1

  • Check the “Create Empty Drawing” box

Step 3 – Import your design

We need to load in the 3D model as a 2D flat image from the top view, so the first step is to click the “Standard” tool under “Drawing Management”.

Then choose the 3D model file from the file dialog window

A popup window should appear that shows the design, the various viewing angles, and options on scale. As our design is drawn onto the XY plane (looking directly at the front), we will want to have our object cut from the front view.

  • Ensure that “Front” is selected

  • Select the Standard view type

  • Ensure that the scale of the object is 1:1. If your default view scale is not 1.0:1.0 then don’t check the “Use Default View Scale” and manually enter the scale yourself

After clicking OK in the Standard View Creation tool window, you will be able to click and place the view of your 2D outline. It is good practice to place this in the middle of your sheet.

Cutting & Engraving Colors

To have parts both cut and engraved, a different line color is needed for each set of paths. EG

To change the colors in your design:

  • Hold the shift key, and select each edge in the shape that needs to be cut

  • Click the “Change Layer” box that hovers over the selected edges

  • Change the color of the lines to blue

  • For parts to be engraved, do the same, but change the lines to red

Step 4 - Export design to DXF

Select File > Export from the menu at the top of the window, and then save the export file.

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