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What are Ponoko's DFM checks
What are Ponoko's DFM checks
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Automated DFM Analysis

What this auto check includes

File Type

File type is an accepted file type

Readable file

File is readable and not corrupt

File size

File size is less than 100mb and/or 3000 points


FIle contains no raster images


File contains no unconverted fonts

Part Size

Part size is within the min and max range

Process Check

Right file type for manufacturing process

Hidden Elements

File contains no hidden elements

Line Styles

File contains readable line styles

Human DFM Analysis

What this manual check includes

Feature Size

Design features are above the min recommended size

Engraving Size

Engraving features are above the min recommended size

Double lines

Ensures no double up lines

Design detail

Reviews features that are too intricate to manufacture well

Engraving Type

The engraving kind is best for the material selected

Common cutting lines

Any shared cut lines are appropriate for material selected

Nested Shapes

Ensures 1 part per file if required

Unintentional cutouts or shapes

Checks for holes in the wrong place, shapes off the artboard


Confirms size matches production file

Bend Distortion

Confirms any features are clear of bend distortion zone

Process Check

Right manufacturing process for result required

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