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What formats do you offer?
What formats do you offer?

The options when placing an online order

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When getting quotes and orders on the Ponoko website, formatting options appear after selecting materials.

Laser cut metal options:

As cut - Parts straight off the lasers, some minor burrs and imperfections.

Deburred parts - A light brushed finish with minor edge softening

Deburring requirements:

  • Material thickness - 0.05in or thicker

  • Part size min - One side must be 3in or more

Deburring limitations:

  • Deburring is designed to improve finish by removing burrs and large scratches, but does not provide a perfectly uniform finish. If you need a cosmetically perfect finish, you'll likely need to perform additional finishing after receiving your parts.

  • Carbon steel is not eligible for deburring

Laser cut plastic, wood & fabric options:

As cut - Parts in sheet - with protective paper - pop & peel before use.

Your parts will be shipped taped into the surround sheet material using sticky transfer paper. Parts will also have the manufacturer's protective paper on which will need to be removed before you use the parts.

This option is great if you have very delicate parts that will be protected by surrounding material during shipping or you are prototyping and want the lowest cost option.

This option is the default if you upload a file with multiple parts pre-nested to fit onto the same sheet of material.

Papered - Parts only - with protective paper - peel before use.

Parts will be bundled and shipped without the surrounding material but with the manufacturer's protective paper on.

This option is great if you want your parts to have the protective paper left on to protect the parts during shipping and handling.

Naked - Parts only - ready for use.

Parts will have any manufacturer's protective paper removed and then bundled for shipping.

This option is great if you need to receive your parts ready to go and do not want to have to peel the protective paper off each part.

Note for acrylic and other glossy materials: Once the protective paper is removed from acrylic it is very easily scratched. If your project requires a perfectly glossy finish, we recommend choosing the Papered option and then removing the protective paper at your end.


'As cut' will give the best price point, as the least labor is involved in this option.

Pricing is automatically calculated based on the size & complexity of your design. Design files should have 1 part design per file for pricing to be accurate. We will arrange your parts for production in a way that maximizes efficiency and reduces material waste.

If you upload a file with multiple parts pre-nested to fit onto the same sheet of material we may reach out to collect additional funds for the service level you've selected or we'll ship the order to the 'As Cut' service level.

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