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Net 30 Terms For Business
Net 30 Terms For Business

How do I apply for terms?

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Ponoko is now providing interest-free net terms and an easy way to track and pay your invoices online.

Ponoko have partnered with Resolve Pay to bring you this as an online option. This means you'll need to create a second online login to apply for and use terms.

You can apply for terms via your Ponoko profile, at checkout or directly here:

What happens after I apply?

After submitting a simple application, you'll be informed via email on the credit decision. Most decisions occur same-day, but may take up to 1 business day in some cases.

Once approved, Resolve will send you all the billing information to set things up in your accounting system. Don't worry - Ponoko will show as the vendor being paid for your accounting team.

Once you've placed orders online with terms, you'll receive reminders from Resolve to pay within the 30 day timeframe with options to use ACH, credit card, or check to make your payment.

Business Requirements

  • Must have a location in the United States; all 50 states included.

  • At least two years in business

  • Must have annual revenue of at least $500k+

  • No personal info required

Checking your eligibility won't affect your credit score.

If you don't fit the above requirements, don't worry, you can pay with credit card or ACH (bank payment) at checkout instead.

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